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Traditional porridge

Porridge tradizionale con fragole


For 4 people
Put 50 g of Vitabella crunchy oat flakes with Chia seeds in a saucepan, pour on 350 ml of milk or water with a pinch of salt.
Bring to the boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally and checking that it does not stick to the bottom of the saucepan.
As soon as the porridge is thick, pour it into bowls, sweeten as desired with brown sugar or honey.
You can add your favourite ingredients: fresh fruit, dried fruit, yoghurt.
You can also prepare it in the microwave: mix the oats, milk or water with the porridge and a pinch of salt in a large microwave-safe bowl, cook on maximum power for 5 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking. Allow to stand for 2 minutes.

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